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firewhiskey-and-glitter-deactiv asked: Hi! I was wondering if I could join your roleplay? There's a certain character though that wasn't mentioned that much in the books or movies, but she's definitely canon.

Sure, you can! Just make the tumblr and send us a link. Who is your character, though? Usually canon means books & movies. 

So like half of you died.

I’d say Voldemort did it, but he’s off playing in princess land.

New Character:


New Characters:


two-thirtyseven asked: Hello, how can I join your roleplay? :3

Simply pick a character you’d like to play that is open, make a separate blog, and then send us the link!

If you delete a character, please tell us so we can take them off the list.

It’s really difficult to go through that list and determine who has deactived. We’ll still do it, obviously, but it’d be nice if we had some help. Thanks!

hermionegrangerweasley- replied to your post: SCABIOR IS BACK BITCHES~

OOC: Does this mean we have to get an Alena or is that out?

That’s up to you & Scabior, and if anyone wants to play Alena. Your plot, your choice.

let-me-snatchyou asked: SCABIOR IS BACK BITCHES~

Welcome back.

littletunahalpert asked: I'm sorry that I'm back at this again, but what open characters do you have that you can think of?

Whatever characters aren’t on the list, they are open. I’m sorry, but we can’t list off the top of our heads every character that’s not taken.